My World ( Mari-mari membuang masa 2)

I’m just bored…plain bored in this warm room not knowing what to do…

(I know I have to study…but….hurm..i have no other excuse other than I’m not mentally ready to do any revision…sowiee)

Recently Friendster has been ‘ambush’ with this virus that keeps on sending un-civilised video and message to all of Friendster’s user. Pity Friendster administrator having to deal with this. As for me its simple…just switch to facebook for a while..since there is nothing we can do..unless you’re a computer genius..then you can help them to fix this problem….hurm…

Then recently I went to this recycling centre to sell few kg of old unused documents…it weigh about 62kg but worth only rm3…hahaha…I guess this is why most people just couldn’t care more about recycling…they feel like its not worth their time…oh well…its not really your fault that the world is getting warmer, the climate is changing drastically and surely its not your fault that we’re running out of our natural resources right?….if you say yes….you deserved to be kidnapped by the alien…end of story.

Snatch thieves…thieves…and all kind of thieves…just one thing I want to say… only god can judge you…. : (

That’s all so far…hurmmmmmm

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