Things I have learnt…

  1. They can only advice, the decision is yours to make… but if you don’t follow their advice, they will be heartbroken…deal with that.
  2. You can do whatever you think is right, make the best decision for yourself….do something that we would do for you….cause we are right…you are…hmmm
  3. Though there are saying’ learn from your mistakes’…don’t you ever ever make your own decision because your decision is always wrong and just plain wrong.
  4. If you have problems, we can always discuss. If you are unhappy with what we said, tell us, then we can argue…or at least you can see our sad faces and feel bad about that.


    Ever feel so hopeless before?

    It’s like everything that you do is just plain wrong?

    Your mind… people tells you to make your own decision, but when you do, they disagree with you. When you ask for their advice, they said it’s all up to you. When you finally decide, they get disappointed and said you don’t discuss with them at first. Didn’t I tried to discuss it first? I did, didn’t I?

    How can I discuss my problem with people that I’m not comfortable to talk with? Person that are so close to me but yet I keep my feelings and problems from them cause I’m just not able to share what exactly I feel…and every time I tried, I fail because it will makes me realize that what I want doesn’t matter. Because what I want is just ‘negative’…

    It makes me so confuse and lose track…till I forget what that I want is. I have plans. I have good plans…well used to…till I have to discuss it and it just dissolve into air, just like the words I said. Nobody listens….they hear my voice…but it’s just a voice…discuss is an interaction between two or more people right? Right?

    They want us to go grow up and be independent. Be able to make your own decision. Is that so? What about the time when you tell us your dreams about us? When you said you wish we would do this and that…are we suppose to just ignore it or what?

    People tells me to be more frank with what I feel, what I think. Then I have to deal with the pain myself? The pain of breaking your heart because I have my own idea and it doesn’t match yours? Or the pain I feel when seeing you being so frustrated that I didn’t agree with you?…

    Sometimes I’m just so confused and blocked all of my feelings. Oh please…nobody really has the time to hear me out anyway….life must go on…

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