Cikgu Fiela

Went to the bank today, to cash my cheque (erk…don’t worry…its just a small sum of money..heh heh…)…when suddenly the guy at the counter said this to me, ” cikgu kah?” I was so surprised but I just smile widely and nod.

All the time I’m at the counter, I keep on asking myself, is it that obvious? Is it written on my forehead that I’m a teacher? I don’t mind people know me that I’m a teacher now, I just didn’t like it when I am so predictable and read-able (heh heh…new word for the day).

Oh well… I am still asking myself, how do people know that I’m a teacher? This is not the first time. Isk…

Oh by the way, as I was walking away from the counter, the guy said, “makseh cikgu”….hahaha…. I do get that a lot lately. 😛

2 thoughts on “Cikgu Fiela

  1. haha.. adoh.. bgs ktk kuar pakey name tag cikgu jak owh Fila.. tp kekdg ng blh tauk bah rupa org ya keja apa.. maybe from ur demeanor ppl blh agak kali..

  2. ok..kmk rasa org kat bank ya tauk ktk cikgu pasal ktk cash kan cek ya..kmk ada few friends yg jadi cikgu sandaran and gaji cdak kuar pake cek..mek rasa cdak bank dah biasa sbb ya cdak tauk..heheh

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