A child

There’s a boy. He’s in a good class. His appearance was presentable, neat n clean. He is not a genius, but he has potential. He was caught cheating on 3 of his exam papers (it could be more than 3 though). In the same week, he was caught smoking in the school compound. On last day of the same week, he was identified as one of the student that was in a big fight outside the school gate. What is wrong?


There’s a girl, a hardworking girl. Always get good grades for her exams. Her mum is always ‘behind’ her. Her mum tells her that she must score A for all of her subjects. She MUST score A for all of her subject. Last day of exam, she was caught with notes in her pocket… Whose fault that was?


Between her/himself, parents and teachers who is to blame? It’s not about pointing fingers, but it’s about finding the root of the problem, and when doing so, we will realize that, there is someone to blame.


Once someone told me, ‘anak tu, adalah apa yang di bentuk oleh ibubapa’.


However, once the child has all grown up and able to think for her/himself, should parents really take the blame?


What about teachers? A child spends more time with her/his teachers than with their parents. Don’t the teachers have some influence in the child life?


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