Unstable Fiela



Which reminds me…I loose my temper in one of my class that day. 2 of the boys just drive me crazy. It’s suppose to be a good class but the two ‘attention deprived’ students just ruin it all. I can joke around with my students, I can smile and even laugh at their jokes. I can answer their not-so-academic question. I can entertain them like they are my friends. But I do have the limit. I am their teacher after all and when they just cross the line even after I warned them again and again, it’ll just make me loose my temper. Hmm…enough about that.

I sleep too much…and perhaps eat so much more than I needed to. I hate to admit the fact that since I’m a child till this very moment, my mind has never been stop thinking about my weight. But I’m proud to say that it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. Haha…I am letting it go finally. This is me. I love to eat and just hate to exercise (iskhh)…but at least I’m watching my diet to prevent me from getting all the weight-related-illness.

Raya is just around the corner. I barely notice that bulan puasa is close to the ends. Am I excited? Not really. I badly miss my childhood, when raya is the happiest day of my life. Well, so does my birthday. Hehehe…

In two weeks time he’ll be here. Am I excited? I was more in pain waiting for that day. Dah sik sabar gilak. Then, when he’s here, I’ll fear for the day when he leaves again. Hmmm…am I a negative person? Seems like it. But I’m happy he’s here. After months of video call and chatting and phonecall, finally I can see him in person again. And not hearing his voice through my earphone or my phone….wat a blessing to finally meet him and spend my time with him…the problem is…I’m working that week! Urghhhhhh….

The bottom line is, I’m still looking for that silver lining on the dark dark sky…..

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