Things that I miss in my life…


I miss my childhood…when everything seems so simple and happy and bright and shiny. A scratched knee is easier healed than a broken heart.

I miss my school friends…my close friends during my school-year. I miss the chat, the teasing, the laugh and the tears that we share. All the fight between us seems so ridiculously funny now. I miss my teachers as well. The persons that teach me so much more than what’s in the textbook.

I miss my matrix life. Labuan Matriculation College. Just one year but so packed with bittersweet memories. Its like every breath that I take in Labuan has its on memory. The UJ…the short n ‘usang’ bus. The ‘fierce’ pak guard. The yummy food in (hahaha….forgot that name already..isk….aieee…apa oo…kedey makan kat korner ya bah. Kat simpang dari main road nak ke matriks ya.) isk… The mentor mentee activities. The packed class. My crazy tutorial mate. My caring roommate. My ever-so-understanding-and-just-like-me bestfriend. I miss them all.

I miss my student life in UNIMAS. My housemates whom just love to ‘berjoli’. My tutorial mate who just loves to nicknamed me and my friends…executive ek? Hehehe… My juniors who just love to chant ‘kak fiela! Kak fiela!” hehehe… My patient lecturers…so caring… I miss the time when I get to choose when to go to the class. The time when I can decide to melaram to class or not. Hahaha…..those were the days. So much fun. So much memories.

Most of all…I miss the time that we spend together before he took off. So many miles, away from here. The food! Hehe…we always went to get something to eat. Trying the new restaurant…during that time, I have breakfast, morning break, lunch, high tea, dinner n supper. Hahaha…no wonder I gain so much weight. 😛 i do miss you dear…

In my life…as I grew older, there are just so many things that I miss. No…I don’t regret things. It’s said and done. What’s over is over. The past is history. I am now looking forward for my happy ending. Just sometimes, when I feel my responsibility getting heavier, I wish I could become a child again. I would sit silently and think. Since I can’t go back, then, I just have to make the best of everything that I am now.


4 thoughts on “Things that I miss in my life…

  1. ney da pit stop…aiya maz…paga yaman namanya nak? canggih gilak nama pitstop ya….nok kedei pau nya nyaman pasya abang molah abc ya bermata hazel ya bah…heh heh….

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