Location: Teacher’s Room SMK **

It is school holiday but no holiday for the teachers. At least not for the Guru Sandaran & Guru Ganti. I’m not really complaining since I only have to be here for four hours each day and after all I have lots to do anyway. Yup! Marking the students exam paper, and since I’m the class teacher, I need to fill in the marks in the Report Card and do the marks statistics..isk…now I’m complaining… 😛 Temporary teacher and have a class to monitor….huwaaaaa……worse….its one of the worst form 1 class in the school. Isk.

I’m the class teacher for 1k. Have to teach them P.Seni and P.Moral. Yup! Hahahaha….my former classmates would have laugh their head off(isk) when they heard this. They know, everyone knows how much Fiela hates P.Seni back then and now she has to teach P.Seni! 😛 Its not really hard actually. I just have to prepare examples of the drawings that I want them to draw that day, which I can simply get from the calendar and magazines. Worst come to worst, I just asked them to draw anything they like.

However, this is not an ordinary school. Here, the teachers have to do all the extra works. For example, it is my responsibility to bring the drawing paper for any class I’ll be teaching P.Seni that day, or else, they won’t have any paper to draw onto. If I want their drawings to be nicely colored, it’s up to me to prepare the color pencils or crayon. Sometimes, they don’t have any pencils and eraser! Is this a ‘poor-student’ school? No! The students bring hand-phone to the school! They just fail to put aside some money to buy their school-stuffs!

What makes it worst is the students, about 5-8 of them who are really ‘attention-deprived’ students and just drives me mad each and every time. I really can’t stand this group of students. So noisy and rude! They didn’t care how mad I am…they don’t care how noisy they are….they don’t care that they are interrupting me teaching the class…they didn’t care at all. They didn’t care that there’s a teacher in front of the class, waiting for them to be quiet so she can start talking to the whole class. They just don’t care! When the entire class shivers because of my angriness, they could laugh and joke around! And yes, I am a ‘garang’ teacher when the class is so noisy n out of control. But perhaps not garang enough for them…..isk…..

Yes. I am complaining! It can be observes that the teacher are working so hard to help the students, when the students don’t really care. I feel sorry for these students!

kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga”

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