….that’s how i feel right now…every time i close my eyes, i see the ‘setan’ running away with my handbag…then how they stare at me from their from-hell-motorcycle…. when i close my eyes…i feel my heart pumping full-with-anger-and-regret blood to every inch of my body…and all i can do is take a deep breath and let it go….

…but no…i’m not the type of person who easily let go of something that i really treasured. The most treasured things taken from me was the gift he gave me. Something he has been using for years and holding it in my palms, gives me that closeness feeling to him. That is what i miss the most right now and that is what drives me so mad and angry….

…i curse all the thieves that ever exist in this world. The one who thought they are so successfully living in their stealing world!…the food they eat is never halal and the things they do never ‘diredhai’….wait till the judgement day!

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