…Short but sweet….

It’s simple and short but sweet and brings tears to my eyes.

I was invited for a ‘lunch’ last Sunday. She invited me as if it was a casual lunch so being me; I’m late about half an hour than planned. When I arrived, I feel nothing except for the glaring sun and I remember complaining what a hot day it was as I step out of my car. Oh yeah, not mentioning the warmness I felt when I see baby-bink parked in the house porch and my giggle when I realize that the house-owner’s car is actually park outside the house, perhaps to provide shelter to baby-bink? Isk…

The greeting I receive as I enter the house was the high-pitch voice saying, “Naper lambat?” hahaha…sorry sis….didn’t mean to keep aaaaall of you waiting. Isk.

Holding the ice-cream (that I bought earlier), slowly I walk into the kitchen area. Then everything was a blurr. I remember being surprised but smilling when I saw one of the girls are recording the moment, but still it hasn’t occurred to me anything.

Then…”Happy birthday to you…”…hahaha…they sang that song. Turning around, I saw a half-melted ( 😛 ) chocolate cake on the table….with 2 big candles and 2 small candles..hehehe… I was surprised…. It was a very sweet surprise…it was a very unforgettable surprise..it was a very emotional surprise…it was a very simple and short but sweet surprise.

It was a surprise that I love the most through my 22 years of living because not in my slightest thought thinks that they were holding a surprise birthday party for me. Not at all…and I love it so much…thank you so much….you know who you are…it is something so deep and I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much….

The yummy yummy food…especially the yummy yummy cake…I was so surprised that I forgot to take any pictures…huwaaa….but the cake was so yummy yummy yummy…. 😛

…me and beloved baby bink…bergamba tgh panas…demi baby bink terchenta…hahaha….

…on the way home….kenyang…happy…but missing him badly... 🙁

…the gifts from nihon… 😀

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