Students owh students…..

Sometimes I get so stressed up with my new work. I knew that teaching is not that easy and simple. But the facts that the students are really ‘kurang ajar’ really drained up all my energy. Sometimes, I just ignore them and continue teaching in that noisy-out-of-control environment and feel awfully sorry for those who really want to learn. More than few times, I enter the class silently not even answering their greetings. I smile weakly to ‘my sweethearts’ in the class then sit down at the teacher’s chair till the class settle down. This takes them about 15-20 minutes. Then I would start writing some notes on the blackboard and the ‘devils’ start to loose their mind again. Explaining time is more painful. I have to raise my voice to make sure my voice can be heard for whoever wants to learn. Asking the class to be quiet is just wasting my time and my voice. At the end of the day, I feels like I have no voice left.

But I do love teaching. Teaching my sweethearts. I called this group of students my sweetheart because that’s who they are. They are not angel but they are no devil either. They are just normal kids and reminds me of my own beloved brother. Yes, they get naughty and tease me from time to time but they know their limits. They listen (or at least pretend to) when I explain things to the whole class. And they are the ones who makes me love my job despite the heavy workload…and trust me when I said teachers do have heavy workloads…especially those who are involve with the school management. As for me, being a form teacher for a problematic class is more than enough for me to handle. You have to meet the pengetua and the guru disiplin and the cikgu kaunseling. Not mentioning that you have to contact the parents and so on.

Isk. Most students are attention-deprived nowadays and school is where they get most attention and that is why they are behaving that way.

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