The ‘character’ that I thought and prayed is dead apparently still alive and kicking. Surprise surprise. What does he think I am? Dumb? I maybe pretty but not dumb…isk…not all pretty girls are dumb. If that’s how you see me…

I’ve completed my first week as the ‘cik-e-gu’ at one of nearby school. The payment is quite ok and I think that is why I chose this over my relaxing-internet-all-day research assistant job.

The mentality of most of my students is beyond my understanding. Once they told me, “Mun semua orang pandey, sapa nak cuci jamban cikgu?” Imagine your feeling as a teacher when your students said that to you. I was shocked and sad. They didn’t have the willingness to improve their live. They didn’t see themselves being someone more successful as their parents are, although that is what their parents hope for when they sent their kids to school.

Fiela versus the food. The food wins. Even though I’ve cut down so much of my consumption, but it still beyond what I hope for. Isk…its hard. Especially when you’re under stress and pressure. I badly need a happy healthy live. I’m happy but unhappy but happy..hahahaha

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