As I step into the class.

“Selamat Pagi Cikgu!” The class monitor said. “Seeeelamat Paaagi Cikguuu!” Echoed by the others.

As I walk into the teachers desk at the other end of the class, “Cikgu! Saya nak ke tandas!”

As I was writing on the blackboard, the attacks become more vicious.

“Cikgu! Dia pukul saya!”

“Cikgu! Bagi dia dimerit cikgu!”

“Cikgu, dia duduk di tempat saya cikgu!”

I turned around and gave them few warnings. They become quiet for a while. Then I turn back to write more notes on the dusty-chalky blackboard. Few seconds later…

“Cikgu! Dia ambil pen saya!”

“Cikgu! Dia curi buku saya!”

“Cikgu! Dia conteng buku saya!”

“Cikgu! Dia kacau saya!”

“Cikgu! Dia koyakkan buku saya!”

I ignore them as I can’t entertain these attention-looking students. After few shouts and nag a little, the class become quiet and they did pay attention to my explanation. Then I asked them to do some exercise. Few students start writing right away. Others…

“Cikgu! Muka surat berapa?”

“Cikgu! Buat apa cikgu?”

Others start walking around and distract their friends. Worst case, they walk straight out of the class. Just to hear me screaming their name. Isk. Then they stop. And start asking me what to do and I would pray, “Ya Allah, berikanla aku kesabaran”.

Patiently, I walked over their desk and help them to open the pages. Explain one by one to these attention-seekers students, and let them started to do their work.

After a while….

“Apa jawapan dia cikgu?”

“Macam mana buat soalan 2 cikgu?”

Even after I gave them a lengthy explanation and pages of notes, they just refuse to think. Isk…

All through the class, god knows how many times they call for me. Wow…students really wants the attention from their teacher.





By the end of the day…. I become so’ muak’ and ‘loya’ of the perkataan ‘Cikgu’…isk…..

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