There’s a first time for everything.

First day as a teacher. How do I feel? Totally grateful to all of my teachers. I thought that teaching form 1 and 2 would be easier since the syllabus would be simpler. Wrong! Teaching form 1 and 2 is such a nightmare for a softie like me. What do you expect when all of the older teacher carry around ‘rotan’ and ‘pembaris panjang’ each time they enter the class. That is the only time when the class under control. When it’s me in their class, hmm…god knows how many time I have to scream just to get their attention or just to get a piece of quiet.

But I’ve realized something; my stare is more powerful than my high pitch voice. During the last class, it was such a chaos with the boys teasing the girls, the girls chit-chatting, the boys throwing piece of paper to their friends and god knows what else they did. At first, I try to be soft but strict with them. I raised my voice a little. When that didn’t work, I scream and I don’t care how not-ayu I sound. They did keep quiet for a while after that. Then, when they start again, I was so furious, I didn’t say anything. I just stare them down. That work! They went straight to work and stop messing around. Hahaha…. I do have that icy-cold-stare after all.

I hope I can handle all the stress cuz I do need the money and like my mum told me, every work is hard…so…stop being choosy and picky…after all, the pay for being a teacher is not that bad.

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