Bila harga minyak naik….

think positive…memangla…i’m one of the person who ‘mengeluh’ about the high price…but think positive…

its a good thing that the price increase that much. in fact, i think it can still go higher and still be reasonable ….


Simple. For your information, the world is running out of fossil fuels. Yup. The one that u bought at Petronas or Shell or Excell(eh..ya ka namanya? isk)…and other petrol station…worst….we haven’t come up with the most effective replacement yet. Biodiesel or biofuel has not being used fully…hybrid car is still considered as new and unfamiliar car…and any other resolution is still in testing stage….

So…think twice before you went amok about the price and be thankful that the world has finally come to their senses and enforced a way for all of us “berjimat” with the limited resource.

happy driving! 😀

2 thoughts on “Bila harga minyak naik….

  1. seeing u as someone whos trying to be a biodiesel and hybrid pro? is this tru or is it just me? or perhaps ur gonna be an environmentally friendly motto owner?? :p but its good lar.. good good.. after all..the world we live in is not what we enherited from our ancestors, its what we borrowed from our children…

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