I never knew my life can be so busy.

I bought Cleo magazine for every issues this year…but until now, I haven’t read any articles in it. I only have the time to flick it through. Feels bad for leaving them on the table by my bedside.

There are so many tv siries that I’m dying to watch, e.g Grey’s Anatomy Season 4, House Latest Season, The CSIs, Army Wives etc. Not to include the movies I’ve wanted to watch and now it’s being show on Astro.

I’ve been dying to catch a good movie, eg Sepi and Wanted….but couldn’t find anyone to go with…worst…it seems like I don’t have any time to do so.

Lastly, I wish there is just this one day when I wouldn’t have such a messed up mind or mind that couldn’t stop thinking and creating and generating ideas. I have so much ideas sayang…but when it comes to writing it down…I become clueless… I want it as bad as you do. This distance is killing me…

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