Been wanting to blog sooner, but I’ve just been busy.

Busy ngan apa? Isk..susah kamek nak madah.

I went to KL last week. Yup! Spend the whole week there. I had a nice time with my sisters and cousins. The main objective was to send my baby sister to her new home a.k.a one of the local universities. After three years staying loyally in Kuching, finally I get the chance to get-a-way…hurm..thanks dad.

Few days before that, we went shopping, every single day. However, being an unemployed person, I can’t really spend that much right? And being Fiela…I hate shopping. Know why? Cuz I have the tendency to fall in love with dress or accessories or anything with the price that’s out of my ‘kemampuan’. Isk. Not trying to say that I have an expensive taste (ehem..hehe)…but what I’m trying to emphasize here is that to clothes that really suites ‘imej bertudung’ is quite costly…hurm..bila la nak turun rega baju kedak ya. Isk…

Few things I learn when I’m there:

Shopping is really tiring and if you’re in a tight budget, it can be mind tiring as well. Isk

Choosing ‘tudung’ is harder than choosing dress/kain k polah baju. So the lesson learnt was, “belilah tudung dolok, baru beli baju/kain…especially mun nak molah baju kurung.”

I look good in shades/sunglasses. Ahaha. I’ve wanted to wear one since ages ago. But none really suites me. So when I found one that really suites me, I just bought it. And luckily I don’t regret it. Thanks to my sister for encouraging me to try wearing something new.

If you’re planning to shop till you drop…don’t bring along your spouse. Pity them for being tortured that way. Hehehe ( Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada insan yang tidak pernah jemu membawa kami merata tempat di sana. Thanks a lot).

Ladies from the Middle East is really pretty and attractive. I always love seeing them in their elegantly-black-clothing.

If you want to flirt with the flight-attendant, get the aisle seat. But if you want to enjoy the view, get the window seat. Especially when you’re flying over Sarawak, the view is simply breath-taking. That’s why I always go for the window seat. The cute flight attendant is nothing compared to the picturesque view through the window… 😛

And lastly, the food provided by the MAS Airlines…is..hurm…how to describe it…cukup syarat? Isk..

Till then…shop till you drop….drop on ur knees when u’re out of money for next month..ahahaha…

Be wise. The best dress is the one that makes you feel good. Keep that in mind when shopping for clothes.

have a nice day…and jangan prasan2 ok? 😀

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