…Chiisana Tenohira…Aqua Timez

my body knows my heart better than myself

if i’m nervous my palms will get sweaty
is it always? in the tears that want me to stop grinding my teeth
i’ve been taught what sorrow and regret are
i’ve stuffed in many bags your hopeful words before setting off
whenever i tried to turn back, you are the one who stopped me
i’m always at a loss for words but you always
held me close without saying anything
because you really knew better what loneliness was

patting my back while i’m squatting down, your little palm thats always beside me
more than any beautifully decorated words, i’ve been saved by this warmth
never does everything go smoothly, surely when everything goes wrong
we notice that a person’s existence is important. i thank you for loving me no matter
how i am and for being beside me always.

lying down on a grassy patch and gazing at the flowing clouds
i was able to regain a peaceful heart
just a little, there, i got the feeling its more gentle than yesteday and
i reflected on how a person cannot live alone
but still faraway i’m enchanted by the swaying flower of miracles
my precious regular days have already been seasoned
being older i have forgotten my youth, catching up from behind so i can see it
i overlooked the importance of that important person

we can’t live with just pretty thoughts, the promised sky can get polluted
because under this beautiful clear sky, in that blueness i swore i would “definitely”
without letting go of my damaged ideals, i think back upon the days that have come
always looking back at the past would make tomorrow sad, we have no choice but to go on
for the sake of our loved person right before our eyes

comforting my invisible scars, i have your gentle palm with me
surely more than being applauded around the world, the important things are beside me

i’ve gotten lost living these hectic days, even sympathy now seems to be meaningless
i might not get another chance so while i may not be noticed
for you who loved one such as me, i wrote this song “thank you”

words are not enough, surely i won’t be able to catch up
words are not enough but, but, thank you

translation by LunaLux

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