…too complicated…

In life, in my blessed 21 years of life, I began to realize that there are so many things that I failed to understand. To make things worst, I want to understand but some things are just not to be understood because it’s too complicated. Well, that is what they used to say. They can’t explain it because it’s too complicated. Sometimes I felt like ‘too complicated’ is the most lame excuse ever, but there are times when this lame excuse seem acceptable.

For example, the ‘amuk’ case at Tokyo last week. The guy killed 7 people but he didn’t kill himself. And according to reliable source, he is not crazy. He is totally sane. Hurm…to me it’s better if he killed himself. Then I would stop questioning myself, “Why would someone killed others who he barely knew of?’’ I bet he didn’t even see the face of the person he killed. I feel sorry for the lost. Death is a certain thing. We just don’t know when our turn is.

I know, it has nothing to do with me, (except the fact that ‘he’ is there), but it is amongst things that I can’t and I want to understand.

Another example is why would some girl shamelessly non-stop begging for the attention from a non-available man? It is worst if the guy is married. It is unless the guy is giving her hopes. Perhaps that is the answer. Is it?

Why would someone decide to destroy other’s life? Revenge? What can revenge gives you? Satisfaction with guilt? Is that really a satisfaction?

Hurm…. I wish I know all of the answer to all of my questions but again, who am I to know everything. Isk…

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