Love Song_Greeeen

“To you, my love” Listen to this and don’t laugh
“I love you” is so cheesy
But I can’t think of any other way to say it
See! You laughed at me again

Is this road, this life you’ve chosen good enough for you?
I don’t know, but…

Just standing by your side
On these days we spend laughing and crying
Is the meaning of my life
And I sing this love song for you

“Hey, what did we talk about then?”
The day we first met we were so formal with each other
Since then so many things have happened, we’ve even fought
And spent time together getting to understand each other

We met under this wide sky of ours and fell in love, forever

Sorry for causing you trouble all the time
The time we’ve spent together has been packed full of events, hasn’t it?
We spend day after day
And the love we’ve created grows
I’ll send this crap song to you
I’ll swear to God, “I’m crazy about you!”
I’ll keep holding your hand

As long as my voice goes on
I’ll keep singing by your side
When I get old and lose my voice, I’ll keep holding your hand

Thank you isn’t enough to say this
Let’s share our tearful smiles and sadness and happiness for the rest of our lives
Night after night
I’ll sing about my love with you

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