…i hate driving…

Semalam….its drizzling and I drove my bro to the Pustaka. It’s a wet cold day and the road was busy as usual. So many cars on the road. So many lunatics driving. Either they are driving too fast till their car almost kiss my car bumper (and I am going fast…its not like my car can fly…aite?) …or going too slow in the fast lane. Perhaps some people just don’t realize that there’s such thing as fast lane. If it’s a straight, no turning roads…and you decide to drive ‘20km/h’ then use the left lane please. Please?

Cant you read the sign that says, “Ikut kiri jika tidak memotong.”…..in other words, “mun mok drive slow, gna lane sbelah kiri!”..really…they have to include this in the driving class. Some people are just so selfish or just act dumb…..urghhh…..

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