Kereta pengantin

On the way home after sending my brother, I saw three ‘kereta pengantin’ on the road. The first one is red myvi, second one is a black car (but I’m not sure what’s the name of the car), and the third one is a white estima with purple flowers and ribbons.

Yup. The estima was my favorite mainly because the driver smiles at me. Ahax. But seriously. I like it the most. The decoration is simple but very ‘chantek’. And also the person behind the wheel smiles at me when I look at him. I guess I was admiring his car in a very obvious way. Hehe…
I love weddings. I love seeing ‘kereta pengantin’. It makes me smile to myself. It reminds me that two people in love (or not … but who cares…they’re getting married aren’t they?)… Two people in love will spend the rest of their life together. I guess it’s the best way to spend our life. Spend it everyday with the person we love and love us. So…marry the person that loves you and you love. Its not love if its ‘sebelah pihak’ only. 🙂
And just this morning I came across wedding pictures on the web. It was so luxurious and beautiful and romantic. The bride is so pretty and I really love one of her dress. It’s pink and white. So pretty and matched her perfectly. The ballroom was decorated in a very sweet and romantic way. That’s the most important thing of all. Be it luxurious or simple, wedding should give the guests this in-love and ‘so sweet’ feeling. That is a real wedding. I know mine will be like that. Insya-Allah.
Owh. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate this couple I know on their engagement recently. Finally. Congrats. Though I remember hearing the guy said he wants to get rich first before he gets married. Oh well, love can’t wait eh? I hope the two of them will be very happy with each other. It’s all ‘atas nama cinta’ right? Ain’t that sweet.
Till then….lets get married… :p

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