Too lost in myself.

Life is ‘good’. Few problems here and there, but I just sleep on it. True. When I can’t sleep…which is usually around 3-4 am, I would nudge my sayang…with the hope he would awake…when he’s awake, I would feel bad for waking him up at such hour, and I would persuade him to go back to bed. Isk. Sorry dear. Then I would lie restless on my bed. Went out and switch on the tv. Change the channel again and again and again…then go back to bed and lie awake till I doze back to sleep. Sleep back for an hour or two…then up again. Isk. What is wrong with me?

Missing my friends. Yeap. I know. It doesn’t seem like I miss you guys right? I rarely text any of you, don’t even bother to wait for my calls. Isk. Want to catch a movie…been dying to go to the cinema and watch a real good movie, but didn’t know who I should go out with since he’s not around. Feels like going out and have a nice chat…but again, I’ll be too lazy to get ready to get out. I need to iron my clothes(tudung+tops+pants)…then ‘paint’ my face a little…hurm…seems like I’m so not motivated to go out lately. But I love going out with my sis though. Cuz I know that makes her happy and I love to know that I can make her happy. She loves to go to rare boutiques and she could spend hours there. But I don’t really mind as long as I’m totally free to do so. Mwah…love u sis.

There are days when I would just laze around and watch tv or just play games. Really people. Fiela need help. She is so not motivated to do anything…isk…

..too lost in myself?…hope I’ll rise soon enough…

One thought on “Too lost in myself.

  1. my strong lil cutie is getting stronger day by day..i believe dat and will keep on believeing.. 😉

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