…the last kiss…

We all make choices. What’s yours?

Love is just a word it means nothing, it’s what you do for the one you love that counts.

The Last Kiss…is a contemporary comedy-drama about life, love, infidelity, forgiveness, marriage, friendship…

I never knew I could cry so much because of a movie. Yup! I cried all through the movie.

“Nearing his 30th birthday, marriage-phobic Michael (Zach Braff) loves his live-in girlfriend Jenna (Jacinda Barrett), but worries that there are no surprises left in his life. Enter Kim (Rachel Bilson), a vibrant college student Michael meets at a wedding. Soon, he finds himself treading in dangerous territory; he loves Jenna, but is intrigued by Kim and attracted to both her and to the possibilities that a new relationship offers. With Kim, Michael not only feels 10 years younger, but also as if anything is possible. Now, he has to decide if pursuing Kim is worth the risk of losing Jenna, and if the life he has planned with Jenna is in fact the life he really wants. Michael, meanwhile, is not the only one experiencing growing pains; his friends have their own relationship issues. Izzy (Michael Weston) is battling heartbreak after being dumped by his longtime girlfriend. Chris (Casey Affleck) and his wife already have a rocky relationship, and are feeling the stress of having their first baby. Kenny (Eric Christian Olsen) is the only one without relationship issues–but that’s only because he is determined to remain a single ladies’ man. Then there are Jenna’s parents, Anna (Blythe Danner) and Stephen (Tom Wilkinson), who are facing their own issues after 30 years of marriage. THE LAST KISS looks at relationships from all angles, and shies away from finger-pointing and laying blame. Instead, it acknowledges that the world is full of temptation, and that growing up is serious business.”

It acknowledges that the world is “FULL of Temptation”…

I cried because I can feel the pain that Jenna felt when she found out her loving boyfriend lied to her because of another girl. That is the worst pain a girl could ever felt and somehow most guy will do this mistake at least once in their life time. Maybe Micheal doesn’t love Kim as much as he loves Jenna, but one lie can destroy everything. I always advice my guy friends this, “if you want to make that girl your life partner, never ever cheat on her. Not even once!”

Never lie because the truth will surface sooner or later. Dealing with the fact that he has another girl is less painful comparing to knowing that he would lie to you because of another girl. That’s how I feel. One lie is all it takes to destroy my trust and in the past I forgave so many times but still being lied to. Ahax…I am forgiving after all.

World is full of temptation and I know that a guy can be so weak when it comes to girls. To make things worst, some girls are so selfish; they wouldn’t care being the 3rd person in anyone’s relationship as long as she gets the guy. She never thinks that she’s hurting another girl so bad. She forgets the pain that she felt when her x-boyfriend cheats on her. Maybe she felt like, since I’ve been hurt in the past, it’s ok to hurt other girls, as long as I can get the guy!

Most guys tend to avoid someone else’s girlfriend. But girls don’t. Is it because male population is depleting?

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